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Company News

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Advantages of Working at Verus Metrology

As a company, Verus Metrology continuous to expand, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we are always searching for the latest talent to join our team. Our search covers many professions such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Metrology, Design, Automation, Toolmaking, Health and Safety, Marketing and Business Development….

The Importance of CMM Calibration

Verus Metrology relies on expert technology and software to ensure the continued deliverance of precision-led metrology inspection fixtures and sub-contract metrology services. For example, before an inspection fixture can be delivered, it is essential to ascertain it will perform consistently, with superior speed and accuracy…

Sub-Contract Inspection Infographic

Sub-contract inspection services provide the ability to create custom metrology support packages and bespoke part inspection services covering all aspects of the measurement process. Offering both onsite and offsite measurement activities, sub-contract inspection allows users to shorten their overall production cycles. Additionally, such services can…

Working Remotely? Here’s Some Advice

Verus Metrology Partners has adapted a remote culture for many years now. Recognising the benefits of working remotely to both the organisation and its employees, the company also understands the need to be adaptable when traveling for business. Having the opportunity to access your work outside the physical office is vital when…

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