Engineers Week Engineering STEPS

STEPS Engineers Weeks purpose is to promote the art of Engineering and its importance to children and young adults across Ireland. This year, it runs from the 29th of February to the 6th March 2020

Engineers Week is organised by The Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme.

The not-for-profit initiative is committed to increasing awareness and interest in engineering as a future profession for students. Last year, there were over 850 activities ran throughout STEPS Engineers Week.

Supported by Science Foundation Ireland, the aim of STEPS Engineers Week is to positively showcase engineering as a valued and highly-important career choice to children in the Republic of Ireland through numerous workshops and projects.

Therefore, to celebrate the week-long initiative, we sit down with Verus Manufacturing Manager Colm Taylor to discuss his views on the upcoming trends in the Engineering Industry and what advice he would give to someone considering a career in Engineering.

1. What trends do you think will shape the future of the Engineering Industry? How will Verus Metrology respond to these trends?

I would say automation will play a major part in the future of Engineering in Ireland. The shifts towards Industry 4.0 are evident sector-wide and Verus is responding very rapidly to the growing demands that our clients require.

Incorporating automation into the design of our bespoke metrology fixtures is just the starting point in Verus’ efforts to align our methods with new industry trends and has led to a higher level of demand already.

We have increased our manufacturing capacity with the introduction of three new machining centers in the last year also. Alongside this, the addition of three new staff members has aided towards a more efficient and productive manufacturing process.

Verus also have a dedicated R&D facility located in Sligo, for this very reason. It will be interesting to see how the proposed future developments play out.

2. How has the industry developed during your career?

Technology, and the role it plays within the industry has developed massively during my career as an engineer. There is ongoing advancements in technology systems happening every day.

The quality of our metrology fixtures and the speed that they are now being produced at, means we can continue to cater towards the ever-growing needs of our clients.


However, with the new technologies comes the need for advanced and on-going training.

This ensures that as engineers, we are constantly learning new skills and techniques every day.

3. What do you credit as the key to your success?

I always say that it’s the team around you and the people you work with that will be the key to forging a successful career in any role or industry.

At Verus, the engineering team has such a dynamic and diverse background. As Toolmakers. each brings with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise, especially in dealing with medical devices.

Without their enthusiasm and attention to detail, it would not be possible to achieve what we have done now, and we will continue to improve on it well into the future.

4. What has been the greatest challenge in your career?

I find, the greatest challenge to any engineering career is to keep up with the constant advancements in technology and machining methods we witness on a regular basis. There is always something new out there to improve on from what we are currently doing.

However, while it is a challenge, it is certainly a driving force also! The ever-evolving technology improvements we encounter ensures we stay at the forefront of new developments. Consequently, this has resulted in Verus working alongside some of the world’s most industry-leading companies.

5. The Engineering Industry needs more people to pursue it as a career. To conclude, what advice would you give to a young person considering a career in Engineering?

“A role in engineering will provide you with many career opportunities both within the locality and further afield.”

This is because the skills learned throughout your career can be utilised in many different sectors.

Therefore, the advice I would give someone looking to enter the Engineering Industry is to keep training and upskilling. By continuing to better yourself, you will always be up to date with the ever-advancing software and engineering/manufacturing processes that is out there.

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