Validation Metrology Service

Validation Metrology Service

Forming partnerships with our global clients based on a shared passion for metrology has helped Verus comprehend the imperative needs of our customers.

We understand that vast amounts of time and resources are required to complete your validation process, which can often interrupt day to day production verification metrology.

Our new rapid validation service will further support our partners with all the requirements of dimensional validation ahead of full production, which is based on three key components; speed, clarity and equivalency.


To speed up this vital process and ensure your components are into production ahead of project deadlines, Verus will partner with you to provide a fast and efficient full validation metrology service using our bespoke metrology fixtures and our extensive range of inhouse metrology equipment and software. A dedicated Verus validation team can be fully integrated with your metrology department, allowing both labs to work concurrently. Validation can begin early using a single station fixture, built inhouse to reduce lag time and speed up the process.


The Verus validation team comprise of experienced OEM and GD&T trained metrology experts devoted to providing only the best, most accurate and reliable dimensional Inspection. Integrating the Verus metrology team with your quality inspection department will not only speed up the process but also guarantee full transparency and visibility at each stage of our validation metrology service.


Confidence in the metrology data is guaranteed through equivalency. Each project will begin with equivalency testing using identical or equivalent metrology machines and software to ensure the concurrent departments are moving in the same direction.

In addition, Verus can also install a client metrology machine at one of our accredited metrology laboratories, run all validation metrology on the machines with our bespoke metrology fixtures and ship the metrology machine, programmes and fixtures to your site for installation and qualification ahead of the commencement of production metrology inspections.

Furthermore, the Verus metrology team understand that equivalency can also mean adopting the same methods and using the same reports as our clients, to develop the metrology routine.

At Verus Metrology Partners our focus is to add value to your product development. The provision of our new rapid validation service ensures further time and cost reductions through;

  • Full validation metrology service
  • Equivalency testing
  • Equivalent metrology machines and software
  • Full programmes provided
  • Turn Key Delivery of metrology machine, bespoke fixtures and programmes
  • Accredited services