Request a Fixtures Quote

Your Project is Important to Us

To ensure that we can respond to your project enquiry in an accurate and timely manner we compiled a Request for Information Document that will ensure we have the information that we require to give you an accurate quotation for your project.

At Verus Metrology Partners our vast experience in Metrology have offered insight into the specific information required to allow our Designers, engineers, and manufacturing team to fulfil our clients’ projects.

The RFQ document will take 10-15 minutes of your time with specific information required from contact people in your company required for the project, Machines Specifications, to component parts. All the information that we ask for is required for quotation and project purposes.

If you have any queries regarding any elements of the form, a member of our team will go through anything that is unclear with a call proceeding the application form.

We look forward to hearing about your next Metrology Project.

Request a Fixtures Quote

Engineering First Name:
Engineering Last Name:
Engineering Email:
Engineering Phone:
Procurement First Name:
Procurement Last Name:
Procurement Email:
Procurement Phone:
Project Lead First Name:
Project Lead Last Name:
Project Lead Email:
Project Lead Phone:
Name of Project:
Expected Delivery Date: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
Is budget in place?:
Is quotation required to secure budget:
When will all components be available: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
Component Sample expected ship date: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
Do you need sample returned:
Component Name:
Number of components req to fixtured:
List all Drawing Reference Numbers:
List all Materials Types and Grades:
List all Model Reference Numbers:
How many tools are in existence for this:
Number of Stations required:
Number of Dimensions to be measured:
Please state dimensions to be measured:
Do you require a Verus created program:
Gauge R & R Type:
Is there marked up PDF drawing available:
Have you colour variants available:
Software Version and Release:
Is the Machine Ordered?:
Expected Delivery of Machine:
Expected Order date of Machine: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
What probes are currently in use?:
What is the configuration of the probes?:
What Lens are installed/available?:
What probe modules are being used?:
What probe racks are in place on machine:
How many probes can be docked on rack:
Confirm delivery site different to main:
Ship First Name:
Ship Last Name:
Ship Email:
Ship Phone number:
Ship Street Address:
Ship Address Line 2:
Ship City:
Ship Post Code:
Shipping Account number:
Essential Docs needed for order? eg.URS:
What currency is required for quotation?:
Verus Partners an approved supplier:
Do you require a NDA on parts:
Where did you hear about Verus Metrology: