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Jill Stand Assy


Utilise the V-FIX Jill Stand to achieve the required height position on the V-FIX modular fixture. With a variation of 5mm starting at 25mm, the user can connect multiple Jill Stands together to gain a wider height allowance to suit their metrology needs.

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Product Description

The V-FIX Jill Stand allows for varying height positions to be achieved which can then be locked, once the heights are set. Starting at 25mm, the Jill Stand has a 5mm height variation, meaning it can be locked off at any height between 25mm and 30mm.

By connecting multiple Jill Stands together using the M4 screws at the top and bottom of the stand, the user can gain a more precise and bespoke height allowance for the fixturing they need. The incorporated thumb grips make it easy for the user to screw multiple stands together at a time.

The Jill Stand can connect into each of the Inner, Outer and the Inner Vee Rails and will allow for multiple other V-FIX elements such as the Upstands to be attached to it, further utilizing the V-FIX modular kit.

Additional information

Weight 11.41 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 mm



Black Hard Anodised Aluminium

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