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Adjustable Peek Clamp


Measure components from several orientations and heights using the V-FIX Adjustable Peek Clamp. It’s adaptable and non-abrasive, meaning the components remain unharmed during the metrology process.

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Product Description

Primarily used to hold parts securely in place, the V-FIX Adjustable Peek Clamp allows users to measure components from a multitude of positioning scenarios, including from various heights.

Made from medical grade plastic, its smooth-edged design is both flexible and non-abrasive to the component. The central bushing is made from two pieces of aluminium and the clamp incorporates a rounded point at the end to protect the part that it is holding. The design of the clamp with the sliding bushing allows for the free movement of the component.

The Adjustable Peek Clamp gives the user peace of mind that their components are safe and secure during the entire measurement process.

NOTE: The Adjustable Peek Clamp can only be used in conjunction with the clamp post, included in the kit.

Additional information

Weight 4.62 g
Dimensions 71.97 × 14 × 18.93 mm



Black Peek

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