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Corner Dock

The V-FIX Corner Docks are designed to secure the fixture into place. Using magnetics built into the docks, the user can be assured the fixture is in the same repeatable position, collecting precise metrology data every time.


Product Description

Used in conjunction with both the V-FIX modular system and our bespoke metrology fixtures, the V-FIX Corner Docks are designed to sit permanently on the metrology machine, bolting the fixture in place to ensure no movement through the measurement process.

Designed for multiple use, the Corner Docks incorporates magnets to allow the user to lift the metrology fixture out of the machine, store it away and later place it back in the same position as before. This will give the client the advantage of saving time and resources by allowing the engineers to focus on other value-added activities.

As the programme won’t need to be adjusted, the Corner Docks allow for quick component changes and repeatable and accurate metrology results each time.

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