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Outer Rail Corner Connector


The V-FIX Corner Connectors allow the user to connect the Outer Rails when building the V-FIX modular fixture. Combined with the Corner Docks, the connectors allow for repeatable construction of the V-FIX system.

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Product Description

The V-FIX Corner Connectors are used for connecting the Outer Rails. When used in conjunction with the V-FIX Corner Dock, the Corner Connectors allow for repeatable assembly of the Outer Rails system as the magnetic component enables the fixture to go back to its original starting point during each use.

This means, the magnetic connectors can ensure accuracy, allowing the engineers a faster reloading time and precise measurement results with each use. The Corner Connectors ae an essential part of the V-FIX kit, providing clients with the assurance of repeatability, key to the metrology process.

Additional information

Weight 8.81 g
Dimensions 36.5 × 36.5 × 9.95 mm



Black Hard Anodised Aluminium

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