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Horizontal Pogo


Unique to the V-FIX system, the V-FIX Horizontal Pogo holding device clamps components into place during the metrology process. Designed with individually moving pins, it removes the risk of damaging the components during the inspection process.

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Product Description

Completely unique to the V-FIX system, the V-FIX Horizontal Pogo facilitates clamping on complex geometries, allowing for non-destructive metrology inspection to take place.

Using an M4 thread to secure its position, the pogo can be screwed into the Outer Rails, the Inner rails, the Jill Stand and the Upstands.

To ensure the components are secure, the Horizontal Pogo has adjustable lengthening capabilities, ranging to 80mm. The engraved ruler on the shaft allows users to document their data, thus safeguarding repeatability during each use when required.

As the pins are designed to move independently, the fixture has the flexibility to hold any component at any angle, regardless of its shape or material.

The outer pogo sleeve can twist off to leave users with nine central pins. This lesser force means it can hold smaller more delicate components without the risk of damaging them. Using the Horizontal Pogo during the measurement process gives users the ease of knowing the components are safely secured without the possibility of jeopardising the part or its measurement results.

Additional information

Weight 61.21 g
Dimensions 89.4 × 25.25 × 43 mm



Black Hard Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel

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