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Upstands Ø7 mm


Simplify the measurement process by using the V-FIX 7mm Upstands to gain height on the V-FIX system. Compatible with any component, the Upstands will allow users to measure the tallest of parts with ease.

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Product Description

Compatible across the entire V-FIX system, the V-FIX 7mm Upstands are available in three non-adjustable height variants – Ø7 X 10mm – Ø7 X 15mm – Ø7 X 20mm.

Like the Jill Stands, the 7mm Upstands can be connected to each of the Inner, Outer and Inner Vee rails by screwing an M4 thread into any of the M4 holes conveniently situated on each rail. While the Upstands are designed to simplify the measurement of any parts, regardless of size, users with taller components will reap in the benefits as these can often prove problematic to measure due to their height.

By stacking the Upstands, the user has the advantage of achieving their preferred height using the M4 holes bored on top of the upstand.

Using multiple Upstands, you can build up to achieve the desired height platform, before attaching a peek clamp. This will extend the measuring equipment above the component, enabling a more straight-forward metrology process.

Additional information

Weight 1.95 g
Dimensions 25 × 7 × 7 mm

Ø7 X 10mm, Ø7 X 15mm, Ø7 X 20mm


Black Hard Anodised Aluminium

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