Fixtures – Polymermedics

When precision injection moulding specialist Polymermedics needed to achieve the next level of accuracy to measure component parts for an important new medical device, bespoke metrology fixtures from Verus UK made the job simple.

Based in St Austell, Cornwall, the medical plastics company makes billions of precise moulded parts each year but wanted to get more from its multi-sensor metrology machine, to reliably produce quality data for the new components to within a tolerance of +/- 2.5 microns.

Initially, the project required that four components would be accommodated at once, in custom made metrology fixtures each allowing for both optical and probe measurement. After the initial on-site consultation with Verus, the decision was taken to push forward with a full suite of four, four station fixtures.


Once the measurement criteria had been fully understood, Verus presented a full design qualification over a web meeting, enabling both Polymermedics and the customer a world class medical manufacturer to interrogate the design engineers and fully understand how their stringent requirements would be met.

Verus then manufactured and qualified the fixtures, performing a Type 1 Gauge R&R on a similar machine at the company’s own metrology lab in Nottingham. They were delivered to St Austell and a full metrology program was created for each along with a further GR&R test to confirm performance in situ. The formalities were completed with ease, and the fixtures were immediately ready for use.

Following the success of the first fixtures, a further two projects were approached in exactly the same way one of which required a much larger component to be measured in two orientations. Again the Verus design engineers rose to the task, delivering a two station design that facilitated all of the measurements in both orientations without removing the parts from the fixture.

Steve Relf, project manager at Polymermedics, commented: “The fixtures are way beyond what we expected. Not only do they perform brilliantly but the build and finish is equally impressive as well.”

Having now completed three projects successfully with a total of seven metrology fixtures, Polymermedics’ atmosphere controlled metrology lab is being used at full capacity and the company is considering additional measuring machines to cope with increased customer demand.

Further projects are already in the pipeline which will again make the most of quality engineering from Verus UK to help Polymermedics confirm the precision of every part they make.