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Calibration & Certification

Verus Precision provides an accredited, traceable calibration and verification service to a wide range of clients.

We specialise in the certification of non-standard bespoke gauges used for in process checking. The methods we use for testing these gauges, has been developed over several years of working closely with our Clients. We now have a standard procedure for the inspection and testing of all nonstandard bespoke gauges:

  • Approved latest technical drawing showing the dimensions for inspection
  • An approved method of inspection and calibration
  • A fully detailed certificate of calibration
  • Retained raw data from the inspection process
  • A bespoke calibration management software with access for each client and a Data base of all certificates and methods of calibration.

We also calibrate and certify a wide variation of standard gauges including;

  • Go no-go gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Pin Gauges
  • In-production checking gauges