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Core Deflection & Twin Shot Moulding

Core shift is a frequent problem with long, slender, and not necessarily thin-walled products, such as vials, test tubes, pen barrels. It is often experienced in moulds for thin-walled containers.

Core shift can result in undesirable variations in wall thickness which will affect the final shape and mechanical performance of the part. The core shift simulation provides detailed information about the movement of the mould core and its interaction with the polymer flow process as the plastic is being injected.

The overmoulding analysis consists of a 2-step process where a normal Fill+Pack analysis is performed on the first cavity (first component stage), which is then followed by a Fill+Pack analysis on the overmoulding cavity (overmoulding stage). The consecutive overmoulding stage on the second cavity uses a different material from the first analysis, and the first component temperatures are used as the initial temperatures.

  • Core deflection
  • Final core shift
  • Stress in the core
  • Re-melt zones
  • Pre-mould temperature during over moulding
  • Insert over moulding
  • Warpage of the overmoulded assembly

Reports and results can be tailored to specific requests for part troubleshooting.