MoldflowPack & Warp

Fill, Pack & Warp

Flow analysis includes the filling and packing stages of the injection moulding process.

These stages produce some of the most important results for evaluating a product design for injection moulding manufacturing.

Warpage results can be used to identify areas of excessive warpage and shrinkage, referencing product drawings and tolerances, it is possible to take point to point measurements from the analysis results to ensure the critical dimensions will be within tolerance after moulding.

  • Fill time: velocity profiles and shot size (machine specific)
  • Freeze time: time to freeze the runner, gate and part
  • Pack time & pressure: packing phase profiles (machine specific)
  • Venting requirements
  • Weld line locations
  • Volumetric shrinkage: shrinkage values for various part geometries
  • Shear rate: shear rates generated during filling and packing
  • Pressure at V/P change over
  • Injection pressure: pressure rates experienced during filling and packing

Reports and results can be tailored to specific requests for part troubleshooting.