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Metrology Fixture Manufacture

As toolmakers we pride ourselves on the quality, precision, functionality and finish of the Metrology inspection Fixtures we supply.

To ensure the fastest turn around and maximum capacity we maintain a high quality audited and approved subcontractor list. We work closely with each of our local approved subcontractors to develop close working relationships and an innovative mutually respected process of continual improvement.

This process results in the highest quality of manufacture and metrology fixture solutions that are second to none in the market.

Utilizing a full spectrum of subcontractors we have capacity and capabilities to manufacture the largest multi-station Metrology fixtures to highly complex single station inspection solutions for large or small components.

  • Highest Quality of Manufacture
  • Audited and Approved Subcontractors
  • Innovative and responsive
  • Large capacity and wide range of capabilities
  • Fast turnaround times