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Metrology Fixture Qualification

We strongly believe in delivering a Metrology Inspection fixture that will perform and function to the highest standards. To support this, we perform gauge R+R on all the Metrology Inspection fixtures we provide.

Once the gauge R+R has been completed, the results are loaded in to our statistical software package. Only once it has passed our strict criteria is the Metrology fixture released for delivery.

Along with the gauge R+R report, our fixtures can be shipped with a programme ready to be loaded to your CMM or Vision system metrology machine. Onsite support can also be provided for installation and Qualification.

Tests and validations of the programme can be completed and sent to you before shipping to ensure no delay in the Inspection fixture deployment.

We also Recommend Metrology Inspection Fixtures are returned for requalification on an annual basis depending on levels of use. The metrology fixtures will be inspected checked for wear and tear and a new gauge R+R carried out to re-qualify.

  • Gauge R+R carried out on all Bespoke Metrology Inspection Fixtures
  • CMM and Vision system programmes provided
  • Onsite installation and qualification
  • Ongoing support maintenance and Annual Re-qualification