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V-FIX™ – Modular Metrology Fixture Solutions


Metrology starts with V-FIX™

Save time and resources by incorporating our V-FIX modular system into your everyday measurement activities. An innovative creation designed and manufactured by Verus Metrology Partners; V-FIX allows for fast, interchangeable, pre-assembled holding solutions. Users can build multiple modules offline and drop them into the V-FIX frame as and when they need. Whether engineers look to increase throughput by measuring multiple parts at once or have features that are difficult to reach, V-FIX provides an all-round solution that can be configured to an infinite number of combinations.

Utilizing any amount of V-FIX Inner and Outer rails, users can custom build a metrology fixture base of any size, suitable to meet their specific measurement needs. By sectioning off the V-FIX base, the inner rails enable multiple parts to be measured at once, accelerating the metrology process. From there, height can be integrated into the fixture via converters, placing the inner rails vertically. This allocates for the measurement of taller, more intricate parts.

With the component locked securely in place, the V-FIX kit allows for measurements to be taken at multiple orientations. The non-abrasive materials used throughout its manufacturing eliminates the risk of damaging the component, ensuring it remains fit for purpose and all measurement results remain true to form.

Maximum Measurement Access
Completely Flexible
Scalable to your specification
High-Quality Precision Manufacture
Why V-FIX™

Maximum Measurement Access

The unique skeleton design of the V-FIX™ system replaces the need for a base plate as it features an outer rail frame. This ensures you get the maximum measurement access required for your inspection process. The minimum visual interference design has allowed us to avoid the addition of any transparent plastic materials, which can often reflect light due to the crystals used in production. The skeleton system ensures that your inspection results will not be distorted, interference is minimized, and accurate measurement is achieved. 

Completely Flexible

With the V-FIX™ system, the assembly possibilities are endless, allowing you to build modular fixtures in multiple orientations and configurations. The interchangeable parts allow you to build a fixture around your component's requirements. Whether you need adjustable tension, require additional height capabilities or want to transform your fixture vertically you can create a frame in minutes, suitable for use on any measurement machine.  

Scalable to Your Specification

The modular design of the V-FIX™ system allows for the rapid extension of kit scale and functionality. The fixture can be assembled to accommodate all measurement machine types and component geometries, allowing you to best match your measuring machine stage size and window capacity.  

High-Quality Precision Manufacture

Every V-FIX™ system is proudly designed and manufactured in both the UK and Ireland with durability, robust strength and repeatable use in mind. The black hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures this as well as minimizing the reflection of light from your measurement machine and ensuring accurate and repeatable inspection results every time. 

Maximum Measurement Access
Completely Flexible
Scalable to Your Specification
High Quality Precision Manufacture
V-FIX™ Brochure
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