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Metrology Services and Metrology Fixtures

Verus Metrology Partners offers a comprehensive range of metrology services from our metrology labs in Ireland and the UK along with the design and manufacture of bespoke metrology fixtures.

We have revolutionised the way clients measure their components. Our consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, has underpinned our rapid growth over the past decade. That is why we are the trusted turnkey metrology services provider to many of the world's leading MedTech and Pharmaceutical companies. Specialising in the precise measurement of complex plastic component geometries, we utilise our bespoke metrology fixtures along with our in-house measurement expertise to allow our client’s metrology machines to work faster with improved efficiencies to solve their measurement challenges.

From across the globe, clients have been coming to us searching for a metrology services solution that works. Keeping this in mind, our dedicated metrology experts continue to push the boundaries surrounding the measurement process searching for that solution. We are committed to evolving the technologies used in metrology inspection that haven’t been changed in the past 70 years. Our clients are seeing these benefits through our innovative designs and bespoke metrology fixtures.

Fully custom metrology fixtures
Clean room ready materials
Delivered and installed worldwide
Full Type 1 GRR carried out on all fixtures
What We Do

Turnkey Solutions

Verus Metrology prides itself on delivering a complete turnkey metrology services solution incorporating Metrology Fixture Design, Moldflow Analysis, Manufacture, Qualification, Validation, Fixture Programming and on-site fixture installs. Our first-class service is comprised of a team of metrology experts, sophisticated software, and a strong focus on advancing the process of measurement through innovation that ensures our metrology solutions maximise efficiencies across our clients manufacturing processes.

Metrology Fixture Design

Our client partnerships allow our expert design team to work closely with clients to develop initial concepts and single station metrology fixture prototypes. Specialising in bespoke Metrology Inspection Fixtures for CMM and Vision Systems, our experienced designers can also create Hybrid Inspection Fixtures for use on Vision System CMMs with touch trigger capability

Moldflow Analysis

We conduct virtual offline metrology ISIR on clients’ components and metrology fixtures in advance of real-world production. We use specialist software to replicate the injection moulding process, keeping the purpose, quality and durability in mind. This identifies weaknesses in a proposed design while highlighting appropriate locations for closures and the cooling considerations.

Metrology Fixture Manufacturing

To ensure a fast turnaround, we provide a full in-house metrology fixture manufacturing facility. From large, complex components to smaller, more intricate parts, we improve productivity and increase throughput, saving our clients time and money. Our world-leading CNC machining teams produce a reliable and repeatable process, resulting in the highest quality of completed metrology fixtures.

Metrology Fixture Qualification

We strongly believe in delivering a Metrology Inspection Fixture that will perform and function to the highest of standards. To meet this, all Verus bespoke metrology fixtures have a Gauge R&R performed on them. The Gauge R&R studies carried out on our fixtures aim for a GR&R variation of less than 10% of the tolerance range.

Metrology Fixture Programming

Our expert Metrology Engineers are fully qualified to create, verify and install bespoke metrology fixture programmes on multiple CMM and Vision Systems. Our diversity of machine types along with our capacity allows us to offer a tailored solution, designed to meet the individual needs of all our clients.

Validation Metrology Service

We have 11 inhouse metrology systems to ensure our client's components are in production before deadline using our subcontract metrology service and bespoke metrology fixtures. Our rapid validation metrology service will support our clients throughout process verification ahead of full production, with no interruptions.

Delivery, Installation, & Support

We care about our metrology fixtures, that’s why our fixtures are shipped in reinforced ABS flight cases to anywhere in the world. We can provide support through the entire life cycle of our fixtures starting with sending an Applications Engineer to support installation if required. The engineer monitors and coordinates the installation, ensuring proper implementation of our fixtures. At Verus, we give you peace of mind, knowing that expert advice and technical support is always at hand.

Turnkey Solutions
Fixture Design
Moldflow Analysis
Metrology Fixture Manufacturing
Metrology Fixture Qualification
Metrology Fixture Programming
Validation Metrology
Delivery, Installation, & Support

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Why Verus
The Verus Ultimatum Cover - Verus Metrology Partners

The Verus Advantage

Companies with a diverse array of metrology queries are using Verus metrology services and solutions - but what our customers all have in common is an understanding of how clever design can maximise efficiency, output and profitability throughout their business.

We ensure our clients can maintain their competitive edge, allowing them to reduce their costs and timescales, maximise impact and achieve quality outcomes, by delivering, installing and supporting complete turnkey and validated bespoke metrology fixture solutions, anywhere in the world.

  • Increase your Return on Investment
  • Reduce waste through faster batch fault identification
  • Maximise Just in Time Delivery through faster batch approval
  • Optimise operator value added activity
  • Increase output with more orientations
  • Minimise or eliminate product damage through non-destructive investigations

Selecting the right metrology fixture vendor is critical to the success of any project. The Verus Ultimatum is designed to outline Metrology Fixture Design best practice, acting as a guide for our clients in preventing any unpleasant results.

Challenge us.

Our strive for innovation is born out of the simple desire to enhance our client's metrology processes. That’s why we work hard with our clients to form partnerships, turning their measurement challenges into time-saving workable solutions.

Happy Client
The Verus Team

Points of Contact

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"Verus is one of our top choices when it comes to fixture design and programming due to their knowledgeable staff who have years of experience with CMM and OGP equipment. It's always a pleasure working with the Verus team and we look forward to working with them on future projects!"

Josephine V.

Metrology Engineer - MGS Mfg. Group
"My experience with Verus Metrology has been great. Working diligently to ensure alignment and expectations are understood guarantees for an on-time successful project delivery. My experiences in both sustaining, as well as new product development activities, have built a close relationship to ensure quality is a top priority as well as a core competency. Providing turnkey solutions and supporting manufacturing globally ensures a strong partnership moving forward."

Andy A.

Sr. Staff Engineer - Leading Medical Technology Company
"We have ordered numerous fixtures from Verus over the last 8 years. These fixtures have been used to measure a variety of dimensions on numerous parts. Most of the dimensions we're asked to measure by customers are easy, whilst a rare few prove very tricky to get repeatable measurements on. The reason we keep choosing Verus is for the tricky dimensions. If we have problems, then all we have to do is phone up and explain the problem. Verus will walk through the problem over the phone and usually, this is enough to correct the issue. If this does not help, Verus will visit our site to review the issues or use their expertise to help us assure customers that whoever measures these parts, the results will be the same. 99% of the time we have no issues and validations and gage studies fly through without delay. If we do get issues, then we know Verus will be there to quickly get things back on track, giving us confidence when we take on new projects and our customers quickly feel assured in our metrology capability. Delays in projects always cost thousands. In our experience, getting it right the first time with Verus has always paid dividends, in both cash and reputation."

Derren B.

Quality Manager - Polymermedics
"Carclo has worked with Verus on several projects now and is always impressed with their professional attitude, the technical detail and experience that goes into their designs and the quality of the fixtures provided. We would be happy to partner with them on future projects."

Rich S.

Project Manager - Carclo
"The service was great from both teams from Nottingham and Ireland. The guys were helpful and were great at spotting potential risks with great attention to detail. They always attended the meetings on time with absolute focus and explained things very clearly." Though the fixture was on the pricey side the quality was excellent and if it’s up to me, I’ll use them again next time.

Anthony M.

Manufacturing Engineer - Meggitt
"I worked with Michael Nugent on the Polaris fixtures (Unilever) and have to say that they stood up to the test off time. At the time, Nypro did not have a dedicated metrology department, so it was a learning experience for me with no complaints from a fixture point of view. Always found that communicating with Michael and rest of the team in Verus was pleasant and easy-going and they were always willing to support when required. Thanks for your support over the years."

Brendan B.

Quality Engineer - Nypro
"We have had a very good experience with our first-ever Verus project. We are in the process of identifying our first larger wave of products to be added at our site and would like to start the planning and quoting process for some of those as soon as possible. Looking forward to working with Verus again very soon!"

Tim P.

Metrology Engineer - Leading Medical Technology Company
"Technimark started to contact Verus directly to support us on our dimensional results. We found Sean and the team very helpful, taking the time to explain to me and the wider team what to do to improve the results and get a valid Gage R&R. The support was excellent, and we are very happy with the results so far. I hope this partnership continues to other projects in the future."

Eduardo R.

Technical Development Engineer - Technimark GMBH
"To date, all my experiences working with Verus have been positive. Jon and his team are very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly."

Darragh H.

Engineering Manager - Magnetic Shields




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