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15 Years of Expert Metrology Partnership

We have spent 15 years evolving metrology technology. Verus Precision (trading as Verus Metrology Partners) was established by Andrew Hodson, Chief Executive Office and Michael Nugent, Chief Operations Officer in 2008 as Ireland’s first independent sub-contract metrology house.

Back then, our sub-contract metrology service would start when parts were received. The team would measure the parts, create a report and finally, issue the findings. However, as the founders are toolmakers by trade, to speed up the measurement process, they began building metrology fixtures internally also. As a result of this innovative thinking, the profound effect the measuring tools had on the metrology process was increasingly witnessed by clients during on-site visits.

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Our story, Verus Metrology
Andrew Hodson and Michael Nugent,
Co-Founders pictured in 2009

Our clients soon learned how our tailored metrology fixtures enabled their in-house quality process to increase speed, accuracy, and repeatability. This innovation led to positive business impacts for our clients beyond the quality department, such as increasing ROI and a reduction in failed parts.

What was once envisioned as an in-house metrology solution for Verus, our measurement inspection fixtures are now a fundamental element in the process of measurement for global leaders across the MedTech industry.

Our commitment has resulted in double-digit annual growth as well as a customer base of international stature. Today, we are proud to be a world-leading provider of turnkey metrology solutions with three locations, two based in Co. Sligo in Ireland and one in Nottinghamshire, UK.


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