Automated Metrology Systems

Automated Metrology Systems

The Anvil AMS, Automated Metrology Systems, builds on Verus’s experience of developing advanced metrology fixtures and takes it to a new level where Verus high-precision and automated metrology solutions can be integrated near or in-line with high volume injection molding production and/or assembly lines.

Why the Anvil AMS?


Anvil could allow higher throughput sampling rates to be incorporated into production lines on a 24/7 basis, where up to 100% of parts would be measured repeatably, providing high quality data with minimal operator influence resulting in minimal inspection delay and higher levels of confidence over manufacturing quality.

Cost of Quality

The system could reduce the cost-to-output ratio with respect to the occurrence and detection of defects and the overall cost resulting from reduced waste and production downtime due to dimensional inaccuracy. 

Closed Loop

The system could integrate with the production equipment enabling real time intuitive and automated adjustments to be made to process parameters which would reduce process creep and dimensional variation.

Accuracy and Versatility

Anvil would offer accurate analysis and early notification of deviations providing an intuitive understanding of the entire part metrology and detection of local effects and defects in real-time. Anvil would increase measurability of more part features, across many part-types for many production processes.

Virtual demonstrations are available upon booking. Simply get in touch and we will schedule a time that works for you.