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Verus Metrology Partners are always striving to support our clients in providing their end customers with the highest quality products.  

We continuously review our ability to meet our clients’ needs in terms of our metrology capacity, skillset, equipment, and partnership.

We have over 250 success stories worldwide. We work hard to deliver quality metrology and to advance our clients’ metrology processes and technology, so that our clients can continue to supply the Medtech market with robust, reliable and extremely valuable medical devices.

You can hear from some of them below.

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Magnetic Shields

To date, all of my experiences working with Verus have been positive. Jon and his team are very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.


I have only positive feedback from my experience with Verus! The service was fast, precise and any follow-up questions I had were answered quickly and professionally.


Extremely happy with the fixture we had designed and manufactured by Verus Metrology. Overall, the fixture improved our setup time, therefore giving us greater confidence in our inspection results.


We are extremely happy with every Verus fixture that we have received here at SiO2. In my opinion, these are the best fixtures we have ever used during part measurement with every bespoke fixture continuing to deliver beyond expectation.


The service was great from both teams from Nottingham and Ireland. The guys were helpful and were great at spotting potential risks as a result of their great attention to detail. Meetings were always attended on time with absolute focus and the guys explained things very clearly.

MGS Mfg. Group

Verus is one of our top choices when it comes to fixture design and programming as a result of their knowledgeable staff who have years of experience with CMM and OGP equipment. Hence, it's always a pleasure working with the Verus team. For this reason, we look forward to working with them on future projects!


Carclo has worked with Verus on several projects now and is always impressed with their professional attitude, the technical detail and the experience that goes into their designs in addition to the quality of the fixtures provided. One thing for sure, we will be partnering with them again on future projects.


“Because the fixturing has been so well thought-out, from the dual perspectives of the individual operator loading the parts, and the full working envelope of the CMM, we really have got the most out of both. Human and machine are both performing to the best of their abilities." - Metrology Manager, Coloplast


Whenever we have issues with validations and gauge studies, then we know Verus will be there to quickly get things back on track. This gives us confidence in knowing that when we take on new projects, our customers quickly feel assured in our metrology capability. Delays in projects always cost thousands. In our experience, getting it right the first time with Verus has always paid dividends, in both cash and reputation

Technimark GMBH

Technimark started to contact Verus directly to support us on our dimensional results. Certainly, we found Sean and the team very helpful, taking the time to explain to me and the wider team what to do in order to improve the results and get a valid Gauge R&R. The support was excellent, and we are pleased with the results so far. Hence, I hope this partnership continues to other projects in the future


I have been dealing with Verus for years now through the calibration of our vision gauges and I would put Verus at the top of my calibration vendor list for a number of reasons. Firstly, the lead time on calibration is great, I am confident when sending out equipment to Verus that I will have it back in a short space of time. Secondly, the staff at Verus are great to deal with, from a quote within hours of requesting one, to the care and attention from Mark when calibrating our equipment. Mark will always ring to discuss any issues that we have and is very friendly, helpful, and professional when doing so. Also, GDP and overall certificate presentation is flawless. Overall I would rate Verus as a very dependable, and professional company to deal with.