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Optimise your Quality Processes

Our first-class service is comprised of a team of metrology experts, sophisticated software, and a strong focus on advancing the process of measurement through innovation that ensures our metrology solutions maximises efficiencies across our clients manufacturing procedures.

  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary Cap X spending
  • Increase ROI
  • Limit production downtime
  • Reduce part recalls and material waste

1. Metrology Fixtures

Maximise your capacity and Cap X ROI with our custom metrology inspection fixtures. Pair your inspection machine with a robust device that is designed, manufactured and tested to fit your project specifications. Our fixtures come complete with robust programmes that can be installed in your lab remotely or on site by one of our expert engineers. We have 16 in-house metrology systems and a diverse range of expertise across multiple engineers to ensure you have access to the best metrology partnership for your quality department.

Metrology Fixtures
Metrology Subcontract Services

2. Metrology Subcontract Services

Speed up your validation process, reduce risk, and improve the traceability of your inspection processes. We understand the importance of accuracy and quality assurance to your project and end clients. Our metrology solutions include fully traceable dimensional inspection, validation metrology, and gage verification. We can tailor our services to give you access to the experience and expert knowledge that will advance your metrology processes.

3. Automated inspection systems

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Verus SiO2 Metrology Inspection Fixture

4. Advice, training, support

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