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Verus Metrology Partners is an industry leading metrology engineering company dedicated to providing expert inspection services, support, and solutions to their global clients. We specialize in high quantity, difficult to measure, yet critically important, medical device parts. As well as working in the MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industry, we also work with metrology departments in the FMCG and Aerospace industry.

Our head office, main metrology laboratories, and manufacturing centre are based in Sligo, Ireland. We also have a metrology services office based in Nottingham, UK and a representative office in Boston, US.

How we work

Verus Metrology Partners is a peer led and purpose motivated organization. This means that there are no managers or “bosses”. We have mentorship and advocacy programs to make sure each member of our team has an equal chance to progress in their careers and build their competency as they choose.

Who we look for

The most important responsibility anyone has at Verus is hiring the right people, supporting them and growing them into purposeful, effective, and valuable members of the team.

When hiring candidates to join the team, we look for people who are curious, dedicated, and collaborative. Even if you don’t fit the role requirements of a job listed below, apply anyway and let us know why we should consider you.

Verus Metrology Partners is committed to:

  • Creating a peer led environment without bosses or a hierarchical system limiting growth – our employees thrive when given the room to.
  • Identifying the best possible talent regardless of background.
  • Leading with our values and purpose.
  • Creating a workplace that celebrates initiative, diversity, and learning.

Current Openings

There are no openings right now.

Please feel free to send in your CV to