CMM Programming

Get a reliable and efficient inspection routine to measure your components or products, fully optimised for your CMM or vision system

Work with the highly skilled and trained metrologists on our team who can create, verify, and install a CMM or vision system program according to your needs. 

  • Coordinate measuring machine programming as a standalone service 
  • Troubleshooting existing routines where you are having issues 
  • CMM programming as part of our turnkey metrology services 
  • New measurement routines alongside a new metrology fixture 


Our programming capabilities stretch across all major metrology equipment and software application vendors.  

You can also benefit from our software training, where we will develop a tailored solution to ensure each member of your quality control team has the skills and knowledge they need to use the new inspection program to its full potential. 

Whatever your requirements, we can help. 

Offline CMM Programming

With our offline CMM programming service, your inspection equipment will be ready as soon as manufacturing begins, saving you time. 

Your verified and ready to use inspection routine can be created before your product has been manufactured, before the manufacturing process has been finalised, and before tooling has been developed. 

Our qualified metrologists have extensive experience programming CMM software based only on CAD drawings and specification documents.  

Verus CMM and Vision System Fixtures
CMM Verus Metrology

How Our CMM Programming Services Improve Production and Quality Processes 

  • Minimise steps in the measurement process, particularly steps that involve an operator 
  • Ensure inspection processes are repeatable and reproducible 
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks 
  • Improve inspection accuracy 
  • Optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your inspection equipment 
  • Prepare inspection programs and processes so they are ready at the same time as manufacturing lines and processes 

CMM Programming Expertise

Our metrology engineers can create, optimise, and update inspection and measurement programs using software and languages from multiple vendors. Some of the more common software systems and programming languages that we use include: 

  • PC DMIS by Hexagon 
  • MCOSMOS and MiCAT Planner by Mitutoyo 
  • Renishaw MODUS 
  • Virtual DMIS 
  • Measure Mind 3D, Measure X, and Zone 3 by OGP 
  • Zeiss Calypso 
CMM Programming Verus Metrology

Our team has skills in a wide range of CMM and inspection system software languages, so we can help with your CMM programming needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.