Dimensional Metrology and Inspection Services 

Expert metrology consultancy services and practical support for all your inspection needs. 

Get support for your dimensional metrology or inspection requirements with our specific expertise in the medical device industry. This includes metrology and inspection expertise in relation to ultra-small, intricate, and complex medical devices and components.  

You’ll benefit from fully tailored dimensional inspection services that will deliver on your needs and meet your objectives: 

  • Compliance 
  • Quality control 
  • Patient safety 
  • Product quality 
  • Waste reduction 
  • Production process efficiency 

Our services range from metrology consultancy services to on-site inspection to CMM programming and everything in between. 

Dimensional Inspection & Metrology Services that Deliver on Your Requirements 

Introduce a new product to your production facility with our First Article Inspection services, or shorten production cycles on an existing line through inspection process optimisation and validation. Our team also has expertise in: 

  • First Article Inspection (FAI) services to introduce a new product to your production facility 
  • Shorten production cycles on an existing line through inspection process optimisation and validation 
  • Investigating component and measurement issues 
  • Troubleshooting manufacturing process and issues with measurement systems 
  • Resolving inspection and quality-related disputes 
  • Reducing operational costs through reliable, repeatable, and reproducible inspection processes 
  • Training to improve metrology skills in your facility 
  • And more 

We can replicate common dimensional inspection scenarios as we have multiple CMMs and other types of measurement equipment from a range of vendors in our lab. Our team also has knowledge and expertise in a variety of CMM programming languages. As a result, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience providing a wide range of dimensional metrology and inspection services. 

Intext Dimensional Metrology Services
Quality Dimensional Metrology Services

Expert Dimensional Inspection Services

  • Initial Sample Inspection Report – (ISIR) 
  • First Article Inspection Report – (FAIR)  
  • Component measurement 
  • Tool validation metrology 
  • Multi-cavity mold testing and inspection  
  • Cavity verification/CAD to part deviation 
  • Gage R&R studies 
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis 
  • Fixture qualification  
  • CMM programming  
  • CMM calibration and retrofits 
  • Measurement procedure creation 
  • Equivalency testing using your products and fixtures as well as one of your metrology machines temporarily installed at our facility, or an equivalent machine 
  • In-process validation 
  • Process capability studies 
  • On-site metrology services and support 

Benefits of Our Dimensional Inspection and Metrology Services 

  • Access to an expert and highly qualified team 
  • We use a partnership approach to ensure you get the highest standard of service 
  • Shorter delivery timelines through the replication of your facility using our wide range of in-house CMMs and inspection equipment 
  • You can expect a fast turnaround on your request 
  • Fully tailored dimensional inspection services customised to your needs 
  • Impartial and unbiased approach to dimensional inspection and metrology where the focus is delivering maximum returns on your investments 
  • Non-destructive testing as standard 
  • Full commitment to delivering on your specific requirements 
  • Cost-effective pricing, further enhancing return on investment 
Benefits of Our Dimensional Inspection

We can help with all your dimensional inspection, metrology, and measurement needs, so get in touch today to discuss your requirements, benefit from our advice, and get a quote. Contact us now.