Advance Your Engineering Career – Professional Development

October 4, 2021

Advance Your Engineering Career – Professional Development

October 4, 2021


Looking to advance your engineering career in a fast-paced and rewarding environment? Then look no further. At Verus, we understand that a highly trained workforce helps to keep an organization ahead of the rest. Hence, we consider continuous professional development and lifelong learning to be essential in maintaining and enhancing our employee’s skill sets. Keeping this in mind and with an abundance of industry-specific experience and technical knowledge to hand, we facilitate in-house training opportunities in all areas of STEM, frequently running educational workshops in manufacturing, engineering, design, and metrology in addition to the business-critical fields of sales and marketing.

We want our employees to flourish in their chosen career paths. So, we work directly with them to evaluate and benchmark their professional development requirements. Once we have this information, we then develop a training program that addresses these needs. Training comes in many forms at Verus including presentations, in-house workshops and seminars, and even online tutorials and peer-to-peer learning. Many employees are also enrolled in apprenticeships carried out by third-party educational specialists. Apprenticeships at Verus, in conjunction with IBEC and Nottingham University, are a combination of on-the-job training and off-the-job learning via online classes and face-to-face workshops.

Our professional development initiatives are designed to enhance our employee’s technical capability, allowing them to establish themselves as engineering pioneers by expanding their knowledge and skillsets. The results include a higher retention rate, increased productivity, and a dynamic work environment that enables our workforce to succeed and contribute to our success.

The Importance of Professional Development Within the Workplace

As we know, engineering technology is ever-evolving. Just look at the evolution of Industry 4.0. Adapting to these shifts in technology through training and continuous professional development is therefore crucial to remaining ahead. However, it is not just technology that requires upskilling. We believe every department is instrumental in our success. So, our training opportunities range from SolidWorks and CNC machine learning to the fundamentals of sales and marketing. Workshops in soft skills such as leadership, communication, time management, and customer relations are also regularly held at Verus.

Advance your engineering career with Verus Metrology through professional development

How do professional development initiatives benefit Verus?

Not only does continuing professional development help with employee capability, but it also enhances job satisfaction. Professional development allows individuals to take on new challenges and progress in their careers. The acquiring of knowledge also increases the level of contribution employees can make to client projects, making them more adaptable and agile. The result of which not only benefits the employee but the employer also as productivity increases and new concepts and ideas are generated and integrated into production.

Professional Development Opens the Door to Boundless Career Opportunities

One of the main advantages of working in an organization that offers professional development is the opportunity for career progression. Prospects include advancing to more senior roles, specialization in a particular area, or introduction to a new area of expertise. Having a supportive employer behind you makes things a lot easier when looking to advance your engineering career also. And with the right support, professional development can take you in several directions. The best way to achieve the right path for you is by continuing your professional development journey with an employer who is willing to help you along the way.

Professional Development Initiatives at Verus Metrology

Advance your engineering career

How do professional development initiatives benefit employees?

A supportive employer will work with you to understand the areas in which you wish to improve on and tailor a training program to meet those needs. Aside from your own personal desire to upskill, several factors will shape your professional development journey. Such factors include market demand, industry developments, and the technological demands of the organization you work for.

Recent In-House Metrology Training Led by Verus’s Michael Nugent

Verus COO Michael Nugent led our latest batch of metrology seminars at both Verus Ireland and Verus UK recently.

Held at Verus HQ in Ireland, the latest workshop focused on the Core Concepts of Metrology. The course provided apprentices with a basic understanding of precision measurement along with the practical use of precision measuring instruments.


Core Concepts of Metrology

More recently, Michael held a seminar with Verus engineers that included cross-platform training on our MicroVu metrology machine under the guidance of Verus’s metrology applications expert Jack Middleton.

Cross-Platform Training with Verus Engineers Luke and Billy on our MicroVu Metrology Machine.

Speaking about our latest batch of in-house training workshops, Michael says:

We owe it to our clients to ensure we can provide true turnkey metrology services. Therefore, all our metrology engineers are cross trained on multiple metrology platforms, enabling application backed up with years of measurement knowhow.

Verus Apprenticeships in Manufacturing, Engineering, Metrology and Sales

In addition to achieving a professional qualification, the apprenticeships at Verus provide employees with an opportunity to gain real-life experience but with the significant bonus of remaining in the workforce. The blend of academic studies and industry experience allows the apprentices to apply learnings to essential workplace processes to really reinforce the learnings.

We work hard to ensure all apprentices get the support and mentoring they need to thrive during their studies. Upon commencement, the apprentice is allocated a mentor that will be by their side throughout the entire program. An expert in the field of study, the mentor will be there to answer any queries the apprentice may have, whether it’s about the course itself or for general advice on their chosen career. Studies can be overwhelming at times, so we believe it is important that every apprentice has the support they need.

The Verus Training Matrix

To help with the apprentice’s progression, we have developed our very own training matrix. Aided by monthly progression meetings, the training matrix outlines the apprentice’s core competencies and when ready, introduces them to working projects under the watchful eye of their mentor. We believe this introduction to the working world is the best way for apprentices to flourish in their chosen careers. The training matrix ensures transparency and enables the employer and the employee to ascertain the best career progression route for them.

This high level of excellence in apprenticeship training ensures we can continue to hire and retain the best people. It also allows Verus to remain an innovative leader in the medical device industry.

Our professional development initiatives aim to maintain a vibrant work atmosphere where employees remain passionate about their work and career. The programs ensure employees stay updated on the changing trends within the accelerated industry of engineering. This is particularly crucial when working in tightly regulated environments across sectors like MedTech and FMCG. Evolving technologies and tighter tolerances mean our employees work at the cutting edge of our industry, further highlighting the importance of continued professional development.

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