We are pleased to announce that Jon Banner will be joining the Board of Directors of Verus Precision (UK) Limited.

‘It’s an honour to be appointed to the Verus UK board and I look forward to continuing the growth of our exciting venture,’ said Jon on his appointment.

Jon joined Verus Precision UK as the General Manager in 2015 and brought an unparalleled level of sales experience from within the manufacturing industry, particularly in relation to the UK and US markets. Since starting with the company, Jon has consistently grown sales and capacity in Verus Precision UK.

Speaking about the appointment of Jon, Director Michael Nugent said, ‘Since joining the company, Jon Banner has become the Face of Verus Precision UK and his appointment as Director is well deserved.’

With a clear focus on client care, services and a drive for growth, Jon has more than earned his place on the Board of Directors.

Fellow Directors, Andrew Hodson and Sean MacEntee, also welcome Jon to the Board and are looking forward to the continued growth of Verus Precision UK at home and abroad.