Verus Precision is pleased to announce that Jon Stabler has joined the Team of Verus Precision UK as our new Metrology Applications Engineer. Stabler brings with him a wealth of experience in the Metrology sector having worked for more than 20 years in applications for a number of major OEMs such as Hexagon and Nikon.

Jon’s level of knowledge and experience will further increase the capacity and capabilities of the Verus Precision Group and the service benefits to our customers.

Verus Precision UK and Ireland offer a full subcontract metrology service including contact and non-contact measurement solutions and a full Metrology Fixture Design and gauge R+R service.

Over the last twelve months we have also expanded our machine capacity and our full CMM listing includes:

  • 2 X OGP CNC500 (500x450x200mm) Optical + TP20 Touch Probe Multisensor, MeasureMind 3D & MeasureX
  • 1 X OGP Flash 200 (200x200x150mm) Optical Only, MeasureMind 3D & MeasureX
  • 1 X OGP Zip 450 (450x450x200mm) Optical Only, MeasureMind 3D
  • 2 X Hexagon/ DEA Global Performance 7-10-5 (700x1000x500mm) & 7-10-7 (700x1000x700mm) CMM, PCDMIS CAD++
  • 2 X IMS Impact 600 (500x600x400) Virtual DMIS verison 7.5
  • 1 X IMS Impact 1000 (700x1000x500) Virtual DMIS verison 7.5
  • 1 X Mitutoyo Euro- C-544 (400x500x400) MCosmos version 3.2 & 4.0