For many years, manufacturers in various industries have painstakingly gone through the selection and purchasing process to procure a new CMM or Vision System. Once this process is complete, they feel they have completed the job and put their inspection/metrology department in a position where parts can be verified much more quickly and with far greater certainty. However, in so many cases, although the machine is as specified and the inspectors/engineers/operators are fully trained, the new addition doesn’t seem to quite deliver the improvements that were expected.

The reason for this is so often that, although an investment of 10’s or even 100’s of thousands has been made on the machine, the parts are often ‘secured’ in place with plasticine and blue-tac or balanced precariously on parallels and slips. This in turn leads to long setup times as the part is never in exactly the same place and unreliable results, as the orientation of the part differs from run to run.

We at Verus Precision believe that, in most cases, the only true way to get the best out of this significant investment, is to apply the same meticulous process to holding the part as has already been applied to buying the machine.

Many of our existing customers involve us right at the start of the manufacturing process so that once the parts hit inspection they have a suitable metrology fixture already tested and proven to enable the parts to be held securely and repeatably, all features are accessible so that the measurement process is as accurate and efficient as possible. This in turn helps them realise the return on their initial investment on the metrology equipment they so diligently purchased.