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Verus has been the leader in metrology and the design of fixtures for over a decade. Our diverse range of modular fixtures, the result of years of perfecting our metrology fixture design capabilities, provides measurement solutions for a variety of inspection platforms in addition to product components of almost any shape and size. So, whether you are inspecting parts for medical devices or FMCG, our bespoke CMM and vision system fixtures will not only offer a complete solution to your metrology fixturing requirements but will also help to improve your overall inspection process.


Verus Integrated Metrology Solutions


We know that medical devices cannot afford to fail. We also know how important it is in the medical device industry to have a streamlined metrology inspection process in place. Above all else, this will ensure each component performs and functions to the highest of standards. However, streamlining internal inspection processes goes beyond the metrology platforms used. Equally important is having a metrology inspection lab that is equipped with the best measurement tools, right down to the component holding devices. This is vital to ensure you have a streamlined, precision-led metrology inspection system in place.

Hence, we believe bespoke fixturing is the answer to achieving optimized in-house metrology inspection. The solution to any measurement challenge, a cleverly designed metrology fixture will reduce operator interaction, therefore removing operator variance. Consequently, this removes the risk of interrupting measurement results and guarantees measurement consistency during inspection.

Our CMM fixtures are designed to increase throughput while improving the reproducibility and accuracy of your CMM. Using innovative advancements, our metrology inspection fixtures allow for the maximum number of measurements to be taken with the minimum number of setups. In most cases, we develop inspection fixtures that allow all dimensions to be taken during one single setup.



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