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Metrology Fixtures

Metrology Fixture Design

Verus has been the leader in metrology and the design of fixtures for over a decade. Our diverse range of modular fixtures, the result of years of perfecting our metrology fixture design capabilities, provides measurement solutions for a variety of inspection platforms in addition to product components of almost any shape and size. Therefore, whether you are inspecting parts for medical devices, FMCG or biosciences, our bespoke CMM and vision system fixtures will not only offer a complete solution to your metrology fixturing requirements but will also help to improve your overall inspection process.

For example, we know that medical devices cannot afford to fail. Additionally, we know how important it is in the medical device industry to have a streamlined metrology inspection process in place. Above all else, this will ensure each component performs and functions to the highest of standards. However, streamlining internal inspection processes goes beyond the metrology platforms used. Equally important is having a metrology inspection lab that is equipped with the best measurement tools, right down to the component holding devices. This is vital to ensure you have a streamlined, precision-led metrology inspection system in place.

Hence, we believe bespoke fixturing is the answer to achieving optimized in-house metrology inspection. The solution to any measurement challenge, a cleverly designed metrology fixture will reduce operator interaction, therefore removing operator variance. Consequently, this removes the risk of interrupting measurement results and guarantees measurement consistency during inspection. Furthermore, our CMM fixtures will increase throughput while improving the reproducibility and accuracy of your CMM. Using innovative advancements, our metrology inspection fixtures allow for the maximum number of measurements to be taken with the minimum number of setups. In most cases, we develop inspection fixtures that allow all dimensions to be taken during a single setup.

The Approach?

We believe in having a creative and innovative solution to client’s measurement challenges yet maintaining a robust and simple bespoke metrology fixture design. As a result, this approach has led to over 150 MedTech leaders partnering with Verus to design and develop custom-made hybrid metrology inspection fixtures to date.

We specialize in the design of quality inspection fixtures for CMM and vision systems as well as hybrid metrology inspection fixtures for use on vision systems and CMM's with touch trigger capability. Furthermore, our metrology inspection fixtures can range from a single station to large repeat multi-station solutions and can incorporate manual or auto-rotational features. Delivering world-class metrology fixtures to global leaders in medical technology and FMCG industries, our fixture design specialists work closely with our clients from product concept to completion. The addition of our vast expertise continues to save our clients large amounts of time and resources that can be best utilized elsewhere.

We strive to offer the best advice to our clients on their components, considering processes and tolerances, while predicting any future potential metrology disputes. Hence, our fixture design journey begins with a metrology workshop with the project leader, our expert design team and the client to develop initial concepts and single station prototypes using an innovative fixture design process. Once our digital concept is proven out and client approval is obtained, the inspection fixture is then ready for manufacture. This process ensures a fast design and development cycle and an optimized final inspection fixture solution.

Verus’ Fixture Design Process

Expert design of fixtures with innovation and automation in mind, we develop initial concepts into high-cavitation, multi-station fixtures. Our design process aims to optimize production processes through innovative, bespoke metrology inspection fixture solutions. Therefore, the metrology fixture design process includes:

  • Initial Concepts
  • Internal Review
  • Design Qualification with Customer
  • Approval Stage 1
  • Final Design
  • Second Design Qualification with Customer (If Requested)
  • Release for Manufacture

Designed by metrology engineers for metrology engineers, our bespoke inspection fixtures offer unrivaled durability, wear-resistance and quality while our hardcoat anodized finishing provides a smooth and scratch-resistant surface.

From advice on key issues to design, implementation and on-going support, our expert design team provides a complete turnkey service that delivers innovative metrology solutions to our clients. Our sophisticated metrology fixture design is brought to you by engineering specialists who are ready to help you accelerate your MSA process today.

Metrology Fixture Manufacture

As toolmakers, Verus Metrology prides itself on the quality, precision, functionality and finish of the metrology inspection fixtures we design and manufacture. From large, complex components to smaller, more intricate parts, our bespoke fixtures improve productivity and increase throughput, saving our clients time and resources.

Since our establishment, we have achieved immense expertise and experience in the manufacturing of our bespoke metrology inspection fixtures. This wide spectrum of proficiency includes the manufacturing of fixtures for single component measurements right through to highly sophisticated, large multi-station metrology fixture solutions. Verus has the capacity and capabilities to provide superior, extremely complex, single-station and multi-station inspection fixtures fit for components of any shape or size.

To ensure a fast production turnaround, Verus provides a full in-house manufacturing facility offering highly skilled CNC Machinists, Engineers and Toolmakers. Our world-leading CNC machining teams produce a reliable and repeatable process, resulting in the highest quality of completed metrology fixtures. We develop close working relationships with our clients based on an innovative and mutually respected process of continual improvement.

The manufacture and assembly of our first-class metrology fixtures at each of our facilities enables Verus to service clients worldwide. Our manufacturing facilities, machines and services are tailored to respond to each of our global client’s individual metrology requirements.

Verus’ Fixture Manufacture Process

Adding extra value to client’s measurement activities, our metrology fixtures are second to none in the market. Our in-house manufacturing process results in the highest quality of manufactured precision measuring equipment and metrology fixture solutions. Once our expert manufacturers receive the required book of drawings to match the CAD model, our fixture manufacturing process involves:

  • Order Any Required Material
  • Mill + Turn the parts from Aluminium, Acetal, Peek, Stainless Steel and Tool Steel
  • Fixture Functioning Approval
  • Fixture Anodising and Hardening
  • Laser Etched of Fixture (If Required)
  • Final Assembly

Metrology Fixture Qualification

We strongly believe in delivering a metrology inspection fixture that will perform and function to the highest of standards. To support this, we perform Gauge R+R on all the metrology inspection fixtures we provide.

Verus' Qualification Process

Gauge R&R is a statistical tool that measures the amount of variation in the measurement system arising from the measurement device and the people taking the measurement. A gauge R&R study allows us to investigate:

  1. Repeatability—How much variability in the measurement system is caused by the measurement device.
  2. Reproducibility—How much variability in the measurement system is caused by differences between operators.

When measuring the product of any process, there are two sources of variation: the variation of the process itself and the variation of the measurement system. The purpose of conducting the GR&R is to be able to distinguish the former from the latter and to reduce the measurement system variation if it is excessive.

The Gauge R&R studies carried out by Verus on all our metrology fixtures aim for a GR&R variation of less than 10% of the tolerance range.

Once the Gauge R+R has been completed, the results are loaded into our statistical software package. Only once it has passed our strict criteria is the metrology fixture released for delivery.

CMM/Vision System Programming

Along with the Gauge R+R report, our bespoke fixtures can be shipped with a program ready to be loaded to the client's CMM or vision system metrology machine. Our expert metrology engineers can create, verify and install bespoke metrology fixture programs on multiple CMM and vision systems.

The variety of machine types we work with, along with our capacity enables us to offer individually tailored solutions designed to meet each client requirement.

If requested by the client, onsite support can be provided by one of our expert engineers for installation and qualification.

Furthermore, tests and validations of the program can be completed and sent to the client before shipping to ensure no delay in the inspection fixture deployment.

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