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Metrology Services

Our metrology services at Verus include dimensional measurement

Dimensional Measurement

Accurate dimensional measurement is as critical to Verus Metrology as is the lifesaving technologies that our clients manufacture. The Verus collaborative process that is an integral part of the metrology services that we offer provides clients with access to the expertise, experience and innovative technology our professional metrology inspection team offers.

Verus Metrology has made massive investments over the years in state-of-the-art metrology standards and machines. By utilizing advanced measuring instruments and innovative technology, the Verus team can rapidly generate accurate verification of clients' designs and manufacturing processes. We then compile this data into a comprehensive metrology report made available to the client.

From First Article Inspections through to Fit & Function Investigations, the Verus Dimensional Measurement service allows clients to shorten production cycles, identify and correct component problems, resolve disputes, improve quality controls and lower overall operational costs.

Collaborative Process

All our clients’ projects are customized and managed by an OEM and GD&T trained individual with whom they will have a direct line of communication; providing clarity, transparency, and daily updates, across all measurements. This approach to the provision of metrology services enables our metrology engineers to work with clients on a partnership level allowing Verus to operate as an external inspection department. On request, Verus can also facilitate client collaboration on-site across any of our facilities.

Equivalent Process

Verus can offer a Dimensional Measurement metrology service on equivalent metrology machines, guaranteeing confidence in the metrology data. In addition, we can install a client’s metrology machine at one of our laboratories, running all dimensional inspection metrology on the machines with our bespoke fixtures. On completion, we ship the machine, programs and fixtures to the clients’ site for installation and qualification ahead of the commencement of metrology activity.

Non-Destructive Inspection

Non-destructive inspection services are offered by our experienced metrology engineers to generate accurate dimensions without causing change or damage to components. This method of inspection comes as standard with our metrology services and saves our clients production and manufacturing costs while helping to improve the quality of the part.

Temperature Controlled and Monitored Laboratories

Verus Metrology has the experience and provisions needed to fulfill the individual inspection and metrology service requirements of our clients. Verus’ dimensional metrology laboratories operate to an ISO standard and are equipped with a variety of inspection machines that are serviced and calibrated yearly. To meet requirements, all our CMMs and Vision Systems are placed in a 24-hour monitored temperature-controlled environment.

Verus' Dimensional Inspection Process

At Verus Metrology Partners our focus is to add value to client’s product development and minimize their non-value-add activities. The provision of our dimensional measurement metrology service ensures shorter production cycles and improved quality controls through:

  • Initial Sample Inspection Report - (ISIR)
  • First Article Inspection Report - (FAIR)
  • Component Measurement
  • Tool Validation Metrology
  • Multi-Cavity Mould Inspection
  • Cavity Verification/CAD to Part Deviation 
  • Gauge R&R
  • Inspection Program Creation
  • Measurement Procedure Creation
  • On-Site Metrology Support

Our metrology services at Verus include process verification

Process Verification

Verus Metrology Partners have formed many partnerships with clients across MedTech, FMCG, Automotive and Aerospace industries. Moreover, these partnerships are based on a shared passion for metrology and a willingness to improve the overall measurement process within client companies. Above all, our partnerships have helped Verus understand the needs of our clients and enable us to develop customized, fit-for-purpose, working metrology services and solutions.

We understand the vast amounts of time and resources required to complete the validation process. Consequently, this can often interrupt in-production metrology.

For our clients, overall Process Verification is always ongoing. Accordingly, it plays a role in almost every stage, from initial development through to production and upscaling.

Therefore, our advanced rapid validation service will further support our clients with all the requirements of Process Verification ahead of full production. This is based on three key components: speed, clarity, and equivalency.


As part of our metrology services, Verus will partner with clients to provide a fast and efficient Process Verification service. Speeding up this vital process will ensure components are in production ahead of project deadlines. Our Rapid Validation is achieved using our bespoke metrology fixtures and the extensive range of metrology equipment in our metrology laboratory.

In addition, a dedicated Verus validation team can be fully integrated with a clients’ metrology department. This allows both metrology laboratories to work concurrently. Therefore, validation can begin early using a single station fixture, built in-house to reduce lag time and speed up the process.


The Verus validation team is comprised of certified OEM and GD&T trained metrology experts devoted to providing only the best, most accurate and reliable dimensional inspection metrology services.

Integrating the Verus metrology team with our clients' quality inspection department will not only speed up the process but also guarantee full transparency and visibility at each stage of our validation metrology service.


Confidence in the metrology data is guaranteed through equivalency. Each project will begin with equivalency testing using identical or equivalent metrology machines and software. Most importantly, this ensures the concurrent departments are moving in the same direction.

As part of our turnkey metrology service, Verus can install a client metrology machine at one of our accredited metrology laboratories and run all validation metrology on the machines with our bespoke fixtures. On completion, we ship the metrology machine, programs, and fixtures to the client’s site for installation and qualification ahead of the commencement of production metrology inspections.

Furthermore, the Verus metrology team understands that equivalency can also mean adopting the same methods and using the same reports as our clients, to develop the metrology routine.

Verus' Verification Process

At Verus Metrology Partners our focus is to add value to product development with our metrology services. The provision of our Process Verification service ensures further time and cost reductions through:

  • Full validation metrology
  • Equivalency testing
  • Equivalent metrology machines and software
  • Full programs provided
  • Turnkey delivery of metrology machine, bespoke fixtures and programs
  • Accredited services

Our metrology services at Verus include verification and certification

Verification & Certification Process

Verus Metrology Partners provides an accredited and traceable Verification and Certification service to our wide range of global clients, benefiting from our in-house expert metrology engineers.

Bespoke Metrology Fixtures

In line with international standards, Verus engineers carry out a Verification & Certification Process on all our bespoke metrology fixtures following their completion. This process involves an examination of each metrology fixture to ensure it is performing and functioning accordingly.

Maintaining our guarantee of complete customer satisfaction offered with all our metrology services, a Verus engineer will conduct a 6-month post-delivery check-up of the fixture to ensure it is performing as intended.

At Verus, we highlight the importance of providing our clients with support following the shipment of our bespoke metrology fixtures. Our expert engineers are available should clients require technical support or further assistance with their metrology fixtures.

Non-Standard/Bespoke Gauges

We specialize in the certification of non-standard bespoke gauges along with complex purpose-built metrology fixtures.

We offer a unique partnership with our clients to verify and certify their non-standard bespoke gauges used for in-process checking. By working closely with our clients for several years, it has assisted us in further enhancing our verification methods used for testing bespoke gauges. This has resulted in a superior metrology verification process in which we and our clients have full confidence in.

Verus' Verification & Certification Process

As part of our superior Verification & Certification Process, we have a standard procedure in place for the inspection and testing of all non-standard bespoke gauges. Our Verification & Certification Process includes:

  • An approved latest technical drawing showing the dimensions for inspection
  • An approved method of inspection and verification
  • A fully detailed certificate of verification
  • Retained raw data from the inspection process
  • A bespoke verification management software with access for each client and a database of all certificates and methods of verification 

We also verify and certify a wide variety of bespoke gauges including:

  • Go no-go gauge
  • Plug gauges
  • In-production checking gauges

At Verus Metrology, we have a fully equipped metrology laboratory enabling us to offer the widest possible range of metrology services

Metrology Laboratory

Verus offers premium metrology laboratories that provide fast and reliable dimensional inspection and measurement instrument verification services. Possessing the experience and provisions needed to fulfill client’s individual inspection requirements, the metrology labs are supervised by our highly qualified Metrology Managers who in turn are aided by a team of expert Metrology Engineers and Technicians.

Equipped with a diverse range of machine types and software platforms, our metrology labs facilitate the need for accurate dimensional measurement and offer clients a streamlined, high-volume capacity. Serviced and calibrated each year in line with ISO 17025 standards, all our CMMs and Vision Systems are placed in a temperature-controlled environment that has a 24-hour monitoring system.

As part of Verus’ turnkey metrology services, all projects are customized and managed by an OEM and GD&T trained individual with whom clients will have a direct line of communication, providing clarity, transparency, and daily updates across all measurements. We run all the latest versions of control software which allows us to program the machines and transfer the programs to client machines if required. Furthermore, the traceability and uncertainty of measurements are validated through our accreditation process.

Measuring Machines and Equipment

We offer a diverse range of measuring machines across our advanced metrology labs. Our current contact and non-contact inspection equipment systems include:

  • 7 x CMM Probing Systems (Software Platforms include PC DMIS, MCOSMOS, MODUS and Virtual DMIS)
  • 6 x OGP Vision/Probe Systems (Utilising Measure Mind 3D, Measure X and Zone 3 Software)
  • 2 x Zeiss O-Inspect 543 Multi-Sensor CMM's
  • 1 x MicroVu Excel 502 Vision Probing System
  • 1 x Renishaw Equator 300 Gauging System

Verus' Training & Development Programme

Our commitment to both our employees and our clients drives us to always be at the forefront of metrology inspection technologies and this is reflected in constant investments in new equipment, software and training. All our Metrology Engineers are fully trained, and OEM certified through our in-house training and development program that encompasses:

  • In-house training and evaluation
  • OEM training and certification – Basic and advanced CMM and Vision System training
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) using Minitab
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
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