Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre to Visit Verus Sligo

July 6, 2023

Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre to Visit Verus Sligo

July 6, 2023


Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre Visits Verus Metrology Partners in Sligo on Thursday, July 13th

Are you fascinated by precision engineering and the world of metrology? Do you have questions about the measurement and inspection of parts? If so, mark your calendars for Thursday, July 13th, because Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre is coming to Verus Metrology Partners in Sligo for an open day!

The Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre is a state-of-the-art facility on wheels, equipped with advanced metrology equipment and staffed by experts in the field. It travels across the country, bringing metrology solutions directly to customers’ doorsteps. And now, it’s making a special stop at Verus Metrology Partners in Sligo, offering an exciting opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to explore this fascinating world.

The open day provides a unique chance to witness the capabilities of the Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre firsthand. Visitors can book a time slot or simply drop by to get an up-close look at the mobile lab. The Centre is fully equipped with cutting-edge measurement tools.

In addition to the mobile metrology lab, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the Verus Metrology Lab, Manufacturing, and Design Centre. Verus Metrology Partners is a leading provider of metrology services, specializing in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. The company’s expertise lies in precise measurement, ensuring that components and parts meet exact specifications. This open day is a chance to witness their work firsthand.

Whether you’re a seasoned engineer, a quality control professional, or simply someone with a curiosity for metrology, the open day at Verus Metrology Partners is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge. You can bring your questions, parts, and anything else related to measurement and inspection. Verus’ team of experts will be available to provide insights and advice, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the field.

This event is not only educational but also a networking opportunity. It brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for precision engineering and metrology. Engage in conversations with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and build connections within the industry. The open day fosters a collaborative environment where everyone’s expertise is valued.

The Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre’s visit to Verus Metrology Partners is a testament to the importance of accessibility and convenience in the world of metrology. By bringing the lab to different locations, Bowers aims to make high-quality measurement and inspection services accessible to a broader audience. It eliminates the need for businesses and professionals to travel long distances, saving time and resources.

So, whether you’re a business owner seeking to optimize your production processes, an engineer striving for precision, or a metrology enthusiast with a thirst for knowledge, don’t miss this opportunity. Book your time slot or simply drop by Verus Metrology Partners on Thursday, July 13th, and immerse yourself in the world of metrology. Witness the capabilities of the Bowers Mobile Metrology Centre, explore Verus’ top-notch metrology lab, and engage in meaningful conversations. Get ready to take your understanding of metrology to new heights!


About Verus Metrology Partners

Verus is committed to the enhancement of our client’s metrology laboratories, machine efficiencies, and inspection processes. Since our beginning, our expert metrology engineering team has partnered with some of the world’s largest MedTech multinationals.


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