Verus Celebrates Their First Apprentice Graduate

December 6, 2023

Verus Celebrates Their First Apprentice Graduate

December 6, 2023


Apprentice’s Perspective:

In the days before Verus, I was your typical Irish lad, working in a cafe and spending my spare time in my garage fixing motorbikes and playing GAA. I had tried doing part-time college courses online but struggled with them and never finished one. My main motivation was I wanted to get into an engineering job, my father was an engineer and I always had a keen interest in anything mechanical. Verus interested me as it looked to be a nice place to work and what they did I had never heard of so of course that made me curious.

I found the apprenticeship great, it’s the best way for me to learn as its hands on and as soon as you learn something new you can link it back to something you do in your every day job. I found the projects one of the best parts, it makes you use what you learned throughout the year to find opportunities to improve things and find solutions.

The main challenge for me was getting back into academic learning, although I had only been out of secondary school for 2 years it was still difficult for me to get back into academic writing etc. Mary Hodson was great with this. She showed me how to break down big assignments and chip away at the smaller tasks.

Both Andrew Hodson, CEO, and Mark Devanney, Staff Design Engineer, were my mentors, they were always a great help and never had any issue taking time out of their day to help me out. The main thing they taught me was to question everything even if it seems right there may still be opportunities for improvement.

The main skills I learned during my apprenticeship were how to run CNC mills and Lathes. I also learned how to manage/improve a manufacturing line, the tools I should use and why I should use them. Pretty much anything I know about engineering I learned throughout my apprenticeship.

My proudest moment was probably winning the apprentice of the year award, other than that would be completing my first fixture project and having it working on a customer site.



The only advice I would give to other apprentices coming through the programme would be to take on as much information as you can from senior engineers, they’re knowledge is invaluable. I would also say always question everything there is always room for improvement and there is no such thing as a perfect process.


CEO’s Vision:

Verus is fully committed to the Apprenticeship model and are planning to add additional apprentices to the team in 2024. We have always been supporters of both the traditional toolmaking and fitters apprenticeships as well as the new level 7 and now Level 8 degree and honours degree apprenticeships in Manufacturing Engineering and the Lean Six sigma Level 9 masters apprenticeship. We currently have 6 other apprentices working as part of the Verus team.

We also have plans to introduce a new Sales Apprenticeship position next year. Verus actively offers educational and training pathways opportunities to all staff and see it as an essential investment in the future of the company and our continued commitment of excellence to our clients

A Formula for Success: Mentorship, Hands-on Learning, and Continuous Improvement

Marc’s success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our apprenticeship program. Mentors, including Mary Hodson, Andrew Hodson, and Mark Devanney, played instrumental roles in shaping this journey. Their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement is deeply embedded in Marc’s story.

The mentorship provided was not merely a guidance tool but a philosophy ingrained in the fabric of Verus. It’s a culture that encourages every team member to question everything, fostering an environment where improvement is not just encouraged but expected.

Conclusion: Shaping Futures: Verus Apprenticeships Pave the Way for Growth

As Verus continues to invest in team growth, we eagerly anticipate more stories that showcase the profound impact of apprenticeships on individuals and the entire company. The journey continues, and we are excited about the future of apprenticeships at Verus—a future where growth is not just encouraged but nurtured. This commitment to nurturing skills is not just about shaping careers; it’s about shaping futures.