We’re Visiting MD&M West, California

January 17, 2023

We’re Visiting MD&M West, California

January 17, 2023


It’s a new year, which means a new calendar of events for the MedTech and Pharma industry. Tradeshows are a great opportunity for members of our team to meet with our global partners while experiencing the innovation the industry collectively has to offer.  This year, the first event we will be attending is MD+M West in the Californian, Anaheim Convention Centre.  

We are grateful to be one of the sponsored companies traveling with Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland are linking in with a selection of Irish based companies and promoting the attendance to MD+M West as a Market Study and networking opportunity to grow within the US market.  


MD&M West is the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event. From 3D printing and biomaterials, to robotics and digital health, MD&M West is the largest medtech expo for suppliers and buyers to discover innovation, engineer new technology, and build life-changing medical devices. Thousands of medtech suppliers will showcase their components, launch new technologies, and offer live product demos right on the expo floor. MD&M West is where engineers and executives from across the globe converge for three days of industry immersion. – Enterprise Ireland 


The Anaheim Convention Centre, will be hosting several other conventions on while the MD+M West event is on, so the atmosphere is sure to be filled with great ideas, discussions, collaborations and more.  



Working with Enterprise Ireland 

Enterprise Ireland continue to see the value that Verus Metrology Partners has to offer the Global Life Science Industry now and in the future. There is an opportunity for mass scale medical device manufacturers to reduce their validation time massively, while also increasing their confidence in their batch release. The impacts of poor metrology has a ripple effect throughout these organisations and can ultimately resultin reputational damage. We will be at Anaheim in California and happy to speak to you about your operational pain points. This topic is relevant to teams outside of the quality department too. If you would like to book a meeting one of our Client Account Leads, Donagh or Anke, or our Chief Operating Officer, just click on a link below to book directly. 


Book an In-Person Meeting at MD&M West, Anaheim, California

February 7th to 9th


Book a meeting with Michael Nugent, Verus COO 

Book a meeting with Donagh Oates, Client Account Lead 

Book a meeting with Anke Rooney, Client Account Lead

About Verus Metrology Partners

Verus is committed to the enhancement of our client’s metrology laboratories, machine efficiencies, and inspection processes. Since our beginning, our expert metrology engineering team has partnered with some of the world’s largest MedTech multinationals.


We specialize in high quantity, difficult to measure, yet critically important, medical device parts. As well as working in the MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industry, we also work with metrology departments in the FMCG and Aerospace industry.