Verus Peer Award Winners 2022

November 14, 2022

Verus Peer Award Winners 2022

November 14, 2022


All at the Verus Team Awards

On October 20th, Verus again partnered with Lough Eske Castle who hosted the annual Verus Metrology Partners Corporate Away Day. This is a chance for all departments to come together and enjoy a break away and take stock of all that has been achieved in the year gone by.  

This year we held our second annual award ceremony to recognize the efforts and contribution of our peers. We impact those around us daily and it can be too easy to forget the positivity we can bring to each other as well. The awards were a mixture of popular vote and particular team nominated.  

The awards were announced by Andrew Hodson, Verus CEO, and Michael Nugent, Verus COO and presented by the 2021 Peer Award winners.

Apprentice of the Year Award  

Nominated by the Apprentice Mentors and Assessors 

This award was won by Marc Harkin, Manufacturing Engineer Apprentice 

Outstanding Contribution to Verus 

Nominated by the Founders and Shareholders 

Awarded to Simon McFadden, Manufacturing Engineer 

Epitome of Teamwork Award 

Popular Vote 

Awarded to Barry Breslin, Manufacturing Engineer 

Exemplary Leadership Award  

Popular Vote 

Awarded to Barry Breslin, Manufacturing Engineer 

Excellence in Client Care Award 

Nominated by the Business Development Team 

Awarded to Michaela Healy, Metrology Applications Technician  

Manufacturing Genius of the Year 

This was a surprise award arranged by the manufacturing team to recognize the skill and support of Simon McFadden, the newly dubbed MGOY.  

Award to Simon McFadden, Manufacturing Engineer  

We would like to thank all the Verus team for their continuous dedication to delivery, responsibility, curiosity, and partnership.  

“The Verus way is a commitment to not only doing our best today but to continue being our best in the future.” – A snippet from the Verus Staff Handbook 

About Verus Metrology Partners

Verus is committed to the enhancement of our client’s metrology laboratories, machine efficiencies, and inspection processes. Since our beginning, our expert metrology engineering team has partnered with some of the world’s largest MedTech multinationals.


We specialize in high quantity, difficult to measure, yet critically important, medical device parts. As well as working in the MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industry, we also work with metrology departments in the FMCG and Aerospace industry.