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To ensure that we can respond to your project enquiry in an accurate and timely manner we compiled a Request for Information Document that will ensure we have the information that we require to give you an accurate quotation for your project.

At Verus Metrology Partners our vast experience in Metrology have offered insight into the specific information required to allow our Designers, engineers, and manufacturing team to fulfil our clients’ projects.

The RFQ document will take 10-15 minutes of your time with specific information required from contact people in your company required for the project, Machines Specifications, to component parts. All the information that we ask for is required for quotation and project purposes.

If you have any queries regarding any elements of the form, a member of our team will go through anything that is unclear with a call proceeding the application form.

We look forward to hearing about your next Metrology Project.

Request a Services Quote

Engineering Contac First Name
Engineering Contact Last Name:
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Engineering Phone:
Procurement Contact First Name:
Procurement Contact Last Name:
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Project Lead First Name:
Project Lead Last Name:
Project Lead Email:
Project Lead Phone:
Number of Dimensions:
Number of Components:
Number of Parts in a Shot:
Dimensions Inspection:
Process Verification:
Inspection Preference:
Verification & Certification:
Gauge R & R Type:
Date parts are available: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
The Date parts can be shipped to Verus: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
Can the parts be sectioned/cut in:
Do parts need to be retained by Verus?:
Date you require service to be delivered: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
Are Verus Metrology an approved Supplier:
Currency for Quotation:
Do you require an NDA on parts:
Expected Delivery Date: (in format of mm/dd/yyyy)
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