7 Challenges of Automating Metrology & Inspection and How to Overcome Them

The automation of metrology and inspection brings a range of benefits, from speeding up inspection processes to minimising errors to moving resources away from manual and repetitive tasks to those that are more value-adding to the business. These benefits are making metrology and inspection automation an essential consideration for forward-thinking manufacturers, including medical device manufacturers. […]

Why 3D Printed Fixtures Are a Risk in the Medical Device Industry

3D Printed Fixtures

Interest in 3D printed fixtures is understandable given the cost and speed benefits that this technology offers, i.e., it is faster and less expensive to print a 3D metrology fixture than it is to manufacture the same fixture using traditional methods. In the medical device industry, however, you cannot sacrifice repeatable quality or patient safety […]

Modernising Device and Component Inspection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Modernising the inspection of devices and components in the pharmaceutical industry can deliver quick productivity and efficiency gains, as well as rapid returns on investment. This applies to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that have in-house device or component production elements. It also applies to the inspection of components manufactured in third-party facilities. While other elements of […]

An Overview of 5 Leading Metrology and Inspection Software Languages

As there is no industry-standard software application or programming language for CMMs and other measurement and inspection equipment, it is beneficial to have an overview of the main options that are available. For quality engineers and metrology technicians, understanding the various metrology and inspection software languages can help in making procurement decisions, as well as […]

3 Essential Steps for First Article Inspection (FAI)

3 Essential Steps for First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection (FAI) is a process that verifies whether a new or modified production process conforms to the engineering drawings and specifications of a medical device. Verification of conformity helps with compliance and allows your project to move to full-scale manufacturing. In this article, we’ll look at three essential steps to maximise the FAI […]

Metrology Equipment Acquisition: 4 Essential Considerations


With the increased value the MedTech industry is placing on high-quality metrology, many companies are considering upgrading their metrology equipment. Given the size of the investment and the challenges of vendor bias and over-specification, it’s essential to clearly define your requirements and get independent advice. The last thing you need is to spend money on […]