Verus UK Announces Departure of Jon Banner, Group Applications & Development Director

August 11, 2023

Verus UK Announces Departure of Jon Banner, Group Applications & Development Director

August 11, 2023


Jon Banner, Group Applications & Development Director announces his departure from Verus UK after leading with dedication and expertise for eight years.  

In April 2015, Jon Banner brought a wealth of knowledge and insight to Verus UK with over 30 years of experience as a qualified engineer. His extensive background encompassed roles in Applications, Sales, and Management, making him an unparalleled expert in the field of Metrology, specifically in Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and vision systems.  

In a previous interview, Jon explained his role at Verus UK:  

“As Group Applications and Development Director, I am first and foremost responsible for the functionality of Verus UK. Leading the metrology and applications teams, it is my job to keep a watchful eye over all lab activities whilst providing technical support to both Verus Ireland and Verus UK. Further to this, I direct the group’s metrology applications, programming and training activities. This involves developing and managing the Verus Group Metrology Applications Training Academy. Here, I provide guidance and support to employees currently completing training programs in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and metrology. Our apprenticeship program provides an avenue for university students to advance their careers by gaining the required hands-on experience.” 

Commenting on Jon’s departure, Michael Nugent, COO of Verus Metrology Partners, stated, “through his experience, knowledge and professionalism Jon Banner has had a huge impact on Verus Metrology. The training, mentoring, metrology methodology, and customer care that Jon has imparted to the Verus team has been fantastic. Jon will be missed but we look forward to crossing paths both professionally and personally into the future.”  Andrew Hodson, CEO of Verus Metrology Partners, stated, “Jon brought his extensive experience and knowledge of metrology and in particular OGP software and machinery to Verus. He has been a key part of training our teams up to an experience level that is second to none and has supported our clients with their technical questions and shared his knowledge and experience with all those who needed support. Jon will be missed by the Verus Team; however, he leaves a legacy of professionalism and technical knowledge that will continue to ensure Verus supports clients in an unparalleled manner.” 

As Jon Banner embarks on a new chapter, Verus UK expresses gratitude for his profound impact and unwavering commitment to excellence in metrology and applications development.  

About Verus UK: 

Verus UK is a leading provider of precision measurement solutions specializing in metrology applications and tailored inspection fixtures. Established in 2015, the company has developed with the leadership of industry experts, providing cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.  

About Verus Metrology Partners

Verus is committed to the enhancement of our client’s metrology laboratories, machine efficiencies, and inspection processes. Since our beginning, our expert metrology engineering team has partnered with some of the world’s largest MedTech multinationals.


We specialize in high quantity, difficult to measure, yet critically important, medical device parts. As well as working in the MedTech, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industry, we also work with metrology departments in the FMCG and Aerospace industry.