Metrology Excellence Starts with V-FIX™

December 16, 2019

Metrology Excellence Starts with V-FIX™

December 16, 2019


VFIX4 Modular Metrology Fixture Kit

Following on from the successful launch of the modular metrology fixturing kit V-FIX™, and our continuing partnership with OGP UK. Verus Metrology Partners is introducing a brand-new V-FIX eCommerce site. An exciting new feature of Verus’ online presence, the addition of the V-FIX store means clients are only a simple click away from metrology excellence, taking their current metrology capabilities to the next level.

The addition of the store not only serves as a one-stop-shop for V-FIX™ but its main purpose is to educate clients’ on how the innovative modular fixture should be an essential element to any measurement process.

Modular Metrology Fixture Kit VFIX

Enabling engineers to improve throughput, V-FIX™ can be configured to an infinite number of combinations. Allowing multiple parts to be measured at once, saving clients’ ample amount of time and resources.

An advanced creation designed and manufactured by Verus Metrology Partners; V-FIX allows for fast, interchangeable, pre-assembled holding solutions. Engineers can build multiple modules offline and drop them into the V-FIX frame when needed. The non-abrasive materials used throughout its manufacturing eliminates the risk of component destruction, guaranteeing it remains fit for purpose and all measurement findings remain true to form.

Key Developments in the Metrology Industry

The Metrology Industry has experienced key developments in recent years with the growing use of high-performance products and manufacturing systems. Demanding precision and robustness for various production environments, these high-performance products and manufacturing systems require increasingly accurate measurement results.

In addition, metrology solution experts are moving towards more precision-based engineering environments, along with integrating automation into their metrology solutions. This is particularly significant in metrology solutions providers that supply the MedTech and Pharmaceutical Industries. Drivers for these developments include the incapability of traditional measurement devices to address metrology issues and increased focus on quality-control. Metrology solution providers are facing huge demands to produce working metrology solutions in a shorter time with increased quality demands.

VFIX modular fixture being used on a CMM/Vision System

Innovation; The Driving Force in Achieving Modular Metrology Solutions That Work.

Triggered by these developments happening throughout the Metrology Industry, Verus has undergone an extensive online presence redesign. Culminating in a slick new online platform, the redesign focuses on the rising need to inform clients of industry-related developments. Therefore, its purpose is to highlight advancements in our own metrology service offerings.

The Metrology Industry is displaying substantial growth against the backdrop of rapid technological developments and the evolution of metrology solutions. Advancement in our current metrology solutions is essential to remain a metrology leader within the industry.  

V-FIX™ Patent

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Verus. Designed to cater to their ever-evolving needs, the V-FIX modular fixture allows clients to achieve metrology excellence by incorporating the kit into their inspection processes. Thus, allowing for increased throughput during measurement activity. Acknowledging this, V-FIX™ was recently granted both Irish and UK product patents, further adding confidence in the bespoke metrology fixture solution.

Explaining the benefits of using the innovative modular fixture throughout the measurement process, V-FIX™ Account Manager Ronan says;

The V-FIX™ modular fixture kit is an essential element to the process of metrology as it allows users to quickly fixture components for inspection, saving our clients’ a significant amount of time to concentrate on other value-added activities. In addition, its speedy setup means engineers have the option of reassembling to an infinite number of fixture configurations to fit multiple different component shapes and sizes.

For more information on our V-FIX™ Modular Metrology System contact Ronan O’Hara our Client Account Manager in Ireland on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 221) or Jon Banner, UK Group Applications and Development Director on +44 (0)115 7841934. Moreover, be sure to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to receive our technical blogs, customer updates and latest developments.

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