Preventative Maintenance for Metrology Fixtures

It’s time to think about Preventative Maintenance for your Metrology Fixtures

Your metrology fixture was a planned investment and ensuring that this vital piece of equipment is in good working condition, is paramount to providing accurate and repeatable results. An effective preventative maintenance plan and periodic re-validation is essential to ensuring reliability from your fixtures.

By Des Forde

maintainNot only does having your Measurement Fixture re-validated annually or bi-annually ensure that it is still within certification to carry out the task that it was designed to do, but it also provides an opportunity to have it checked out fully for damage or worn parts.

In addition to the re-validation of your Fixture, which consists of running it through a Type 1 Gage R&R to ensure that it preforms to recognised standards, we always carry out the following checks beforehand:

  • Check for evidence of any external damage i.e. Blows, scratches and dents.
  • Check for any misalignments.
  • Check that all centering features / elements are not worn, loose or damaged.
  • Check that all moving components move freely and locate into their correct positions.
  • Ensure the fixture is identified so that it cannot be mistaken for another fixture.
  • Ensure that all components of the fixture have its own unique identification, so that parts can be easily identified if removed or requires replacement.
  • Ensure that adequate handles are provided for the safe movement of the fixture by the operator.

Following on from the above-mentioned assessment, you will be promptly notified if any components require repair or replacement and a separate quotation supplied for this work.

The timeframe for fixture re-certification, excluding any unforeseen repairs is normally 3 working days.

For a free estimate on your Measurement Fixture Re-Validation, please contact me at: or by phone +353 71 93 10323, where I will be delighted to take the details of your fixture and provide you with an estimation.