The Biggest Challenge Verus + BD have Faced to Date


Constant innovation and advancing medical device designs are part of the reason Becton Dickinson helps to save the lives of patients every day. We all know the role of safety in new product development. However, testing and Validation solutions are not always as clear-cut as they may seem. During the new product development stage of […]

Giving A Little Back: BD Dún Laoghaire

BD Dun Laoghaire

We value partnership and win-win solutions in everything we do here at Verus Metrology. Hence, we continue to explore new opportunities by working collaboratively with our partners to produce mutually beneficial long-term value for all. We have worked with BD Dún Laoghaire for 13 years, creating bespoke turnkey metrology solutions to advance their measurement capabilities. On the back […]

Hurco VM Series: Verus Manufacture Capacity

Hurco VM Series Feature Photo

Our long-standing position as leader in turnkey metrology solutions is steadily reinforced through ongoing investments in cutting-edge tools and software. One department that heavily relies on such innovativeness is our leading manufacturing department. Producing measurement solutions for some of the largest medical device companies in the world, our manufacturers develop fixtures for Tier 1, Tier […]

The Verus Metrology Workshop

The Verus Metrology Workshop Feature Photo

In discussing turnkey metrology processes and the streamlining of in-house measurement activity, we recently highlighted the importance of utilizing up-to-date equipment and technology when conducting part measurement. In the same blog, we examined the use of modern measurement equipment such as bespoke metrology fixturing to significantly increase the efficiency and repeatability of dimensional analysis and […]

Renishaw CMM Retrofit Increases Verus Capacity

Renshaw CMM Retrofit - Increasing Capacity At Verus' Irish Facility

Metrology inspection and quality assurance (QA) testing is part and parcel of almost every industry today. Organisations situated in sectors like MedTech and Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Engineering and Manufacturing all rely on strict metrology and QA processes. This ensures each product component meets predetermined dimensional requirements, certifying its fit for purpose. To determine this, many organisations […]

Verus Metrology Partners Incorporates in the USA

Verus Metrology Partners USA

  The first independent metrology lab in Ireland – and now the largest, Verus Metrology Partners’ market share in the US medical technology industry has grown rapidly since operations began in 2008. So much so, our clientele now stretches across all five regions of the USA. Not only that, but our range of US-based clients […]

Automated Metrology System

Did you know that Verus have two facilities in Ireland? The reason you don’t is because it’s confidential. But as with all things Verus, our partnership allowed us to share this secret with your colleagues from BD Medical in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland recently. But Why Do We Need Two Facilities So Close In Distance and […]

Reynosa Crimp Collar – Turnkey Project


Project leader and Associate Director of Molding at BD Interventional business in Holdrege Jeffrey Reed and project coordinator, Andrew Allegretti, Sr. Staff Engineer of Injection Molding at BD Interventional business in Franklin Lakes worked collectively with the Verus team on the metrology process involved with two recent BD/Bard Projects for the Reynosa site in Mexico. […]

A Complete Solution for BD/Bard Reynosa, Mexico


At Verus, we pride ourselves on our ability to operate as an external division to the BD/Bard network. Through collaboration we a line ourselves as your metrology department. Therefore, this takes away the quality headaches involved in new product introduction across multisite locations. From benchmarking the metrology standard and communicating with multisite managers to liaising […]

Verus Metrology visit BD Sumter For Onsite Installation


Providing a complete turnkey metrology service, it means Verus oversees all aspects of the metrology project from beginning to end. Starting from the design stage, we’re always at the forefront throughout a metrology fixtures’ journey, right through to its installation. What Is A Metrology Turnkey Solution? Verus’ metrology fixtures go through rigorous quality-assurance testing once […]