Enhanced Services Following Two Years of Investment at Verus Metrology Partners 

Metrology Services Verus

Since our foundation, we have adopted a continuous investment approach at Verus Metrology Partners to enhance capacity and improve the services we offer to customers. As our business has grown, these investments have increased, particularly over the past two years.  Even during the pandemic, we continued to expand our operations by increasing staff numbers, upskilling […]

Yvette Haughey Departs Role as Group HR and Finance Director 

Yvette Haughey Departs Role as Group HR and Finance Director 

Verus Metrology Partners and its Board of Directors are announcing that, on November 25th, Yvette Haughey, officially stepped away from her role as Group Finance and HR Director. Yvette remains a valued supporter of Verus Metrology Partners and her positive relationship with the company will continue.  “Yvette was a diligent and professional executive, always putting […]

7 Challenges of Automating Metrology & Inspection and How to Overcome Them

The automation of metrology and inspection brings a range of benefits, from speeding up inspection processes to minimising errors to moving resources away from manual and repetitive tasks to those that are more value-adding to the business. These benefits are making metrology and inspection automation an essential consideration for forward-thinking manufacturers, including medical device manufacturers. […]

Verus Peer Award Winners 2022

Verus Peer Award Winners 2022

On October 20th, Verus again partnered with Lough Eske Castle who hosted the annual Verus Metrology Partners Corporate Away Day. This is a chance for all departments to come together and enjoy a break away and take stock of all that has been achieved in the year gone by.   This year we held our second […]

Why 3D Printed Fixtures Are a Risk in the Medical Device Industry

3D Printed Fixtures

Interest in 3D printed fixtures is understandable given the cost and speed benefits that this technology offers, i.e., it is faster and less expensive to print a 3D metrology fixture than it is to manufacture the same fixture using traditional methods. In the medical device industry, however, you cannot sacrifice repeatable quality or patient safety […]

Modernising Device and Component Inspection in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Modernising the inspection of devices and components in the pharmaceutical industry can deliver quick productivity and efficiency gains, as well as rapid returns on investment. This applies to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that have in-house device or component production elements. It also applies to the inspection of components manufactured in third-party facilities. While other elements of […]

An Overview of 5 Leading Metrology and Inspection Software Languages

As there is no industry-standard software application or programming language for CMMs and other measurement and inspection equipment, it is beneficial to have an overview of the main options that are available. For quality engineers and metrology technicians, understanding the various metrology and inspection software languages can help in making procurement decisions, as well as […]

Becoming a Metrology Engineer – An Apprentice’s Story

marc harkin verus metrology engineer apprentice

Marc is a Manufacturing Engineering Apprentice at Verus Metrology and has just finished the second year of his three-year apprenticeship – an apprenticeship that has been supported by Verus Metrology. In this post, you can get an insight into what the journey as an Apprentice Metrology Engineer can look like.